Chateau de Charleston


Alicia and Earnest Burke are the owners of Chateau de Charleston and natives of Lorain, Ohio, and are also entrepreneurs whose love for Lorain runs as deep as their roots. 
Alicia has an eye for detail and presentation that is almost uncanny, and she literally listened to, and felt each room before decorating a space or upgrading anything. 
“I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it to look,” she says.
Earnest, working eye-to-eye and hand-to-hand with his wife, oversaw the small army of contractors that worked on the house while adding his thoughts and perspectives on the impressive landscaping and reclaimed space inside the homes.
It took them close to six years to finish this labor of love now known as “Chateau de Charleston” – the artistic creation of two lovers of life and history.
From the first room restored to the last tweek of landscaping, the rebirth of this home began with an attention to every detail. From lighting, to choosing colors that bring out the soul of the house along with furniture picked to emphasis warmth and comfort has all come together to make Chateau de Charleston a destination worthy of the title.

“We started with musing about what could be before dreaming about the possibility of what should be, then we decided the dream was really a vision… and begin to put together Chateau de Charleston.”

~Alicia and Earnest Burke