Chateau de Charleston

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This beautifully constructed single home is located in Lorain, Ohio, which is also the birthplace of Toni Morrison, Pulitzer Prize winner and icon of American literature.

 Bordering the banks of Lake Erie this quiet town refers to itself as “The International City” because of the many nationalities that call it home.


Chateau De Charleston is literally within a mile of both Morrison’s former home (which is still standing) and Lake Erie itself which offers a host of water activities, restaurants, and events along its shore.


Built in 1909, the house was first named for William Seher who moved to Lorain to work at a local steel mill but made his fortune as an agent of the Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing Company. (It’s current moniker of Chateau de Charlestown stems from its location in the Charleston section of the town).


The home was built in a Georgian Revival style with elements of English Baraque that gives it an impressive profile that’s discernible from a block away.


Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on June 17, 1976, the home features original ceramic tile, wooden floors and imposing, elegant staircases now complimented with a modern, expansive kitchen with all the amenities.


The original brick wall that borders the home accents the burgundy, Spanish roof tiles that give it a distinctive flavor and flair that makes it as special to view as it is to experience.



The home sat dormant for years before being purchased in 2016 by local entrepreneurs Alicia and Earnest Burke who gently brought the house back to life with modern tastes and convenience nicely balanced with old-world style and luxury.


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