Chateau de Charleston


Oldtowne Charleston

The Majestic old house at 329  W Ninth St will open Oct 16 as the Chateau de Charleston, an event space with bed and breakfast lodging. Now, owners Alicia and Earnest Burke are ready to make it a destination.

Since the restoration began, the Burkes compiled research from the Lorain Historical Society. People familiar with the house have contributed their own stories and memories. The house dates from 1909 and was named for William Sehr, a Sandusky native who moved to Lorain to take advantage of the steel mill starting in 1895. Instead of working metal, Seher made his fortune starting as agent of the Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing Co., then general manager of the Lorain Brewing Co., and in other business interests.

Seher planned a $15,000 home – at the time, one of the most expensive houses in the city. “The interior will be finished elegantly and, in this respect, will not be surpassed by any house in Lorain County,” said a 1909 news report about the construction.

William Sehr House 1900

The William Sehr House Early 1900's

Chateau Front

Chateau de Charleston Today

5 Years in the Making the Vision has Come to Pass

From the first room restored to the last week of landscaping, the rebirth of this home began with an attention to every detail. From lighting, to choosing colors that bring out the soul of the house along with furniture picked to emphasis warmth and comfort has all come together to make Chateau de Charleston a destination worthy of the title.